12 Casual Outfit Ideas That Only Require Basics

At this point, you’re probably more concerned with shopping for other people than racking up a bunch of new clothes for yourself—cheers to the holiday season! That also means there’s no time like the present to fully embrace and love on the basics you already own. Since we usually think of basics as the building blocks for a more complex outfit, our hope is that this story will help inspire you to reimagine the staples sitting in your closet at this very moment, and the 11 casual outfit ideas ahead will help you see their full potential. 

With working from home still a thing, casual outfits are getting the most play right now, so you’ll want to take close notes of the style tips below. Thanks to a group of very stylish people, you’ll leave here loving your casual basics more than you ever have. Whether it’s your sweatpants, blazers, or jeans, get ready for some of your most under-the-radar pieces to become your new favorites. 

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