12 Best Gold Nail Polishes That Will Get You Compliments

So what’s a girl to do when she still wants the wow-factor on her nails (and the compliments, of course)? I like to think outside of the box with my colors and opt for something unexpected or eye-catching. It’s a balancing act for me with sheer and traditional colors, and then the neons and metallics.

One hue that always gets me great feedback? Gold nail polish. Yes, if you want to feel luxe and glam, get yourself a gold mani. While it’s not necessarily known as an everyday color, it’s absolutely perfect for special occasions when you really want to turn things up a notch. (And if you wear it as an everyday color, more power to you.)

I love the color for a number of reasons. One, It just takes a couple of coats to get statement-making nails. It’s easy! Two, it’s so festive and rich-feeling. And three, I just love gold jewelry, so it goes great with my accessorizing.

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